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                                                            Personal Data Protection Policy

              Hana Microelectronics Group is committed to comply with the requirements of the Personal Data Protection Act.BE.2562 (2019). Hana Microelectronics Group (collectively referred to as “Company”) respects on people’s personal data, any and on any personal data belonging to the person that the company collected for use and /or to be managed further as been consented and authorized by the data’s owner. Therefore, we have issued our Personal Data Protection Policy in order to prescribe the process of data collection, storage, usage and disclosure, also including other rights of the Data Subject. Company would like to announce this Policy with the following:

1. Definition

Personal data is any data pertaining to a person, which enables the identification of such person, whether directly or indirectly such as name, address, phone number, ID card, email address and IP address.

Sensitive personal data is personal data regarding criminal records, health data, race, belief, religion, disability etc.

2. Collection of Personal Data

              • Company shall collect, use or disclose information as part of its normal business operations and in the administration of its relationship with individuals and business partners as well as for other legitimate purposes permitted by applicable law.

              • Inform the purpose of collection and use of personal data is directly acquired from the data subject, and thereafter ask for their consent before storing said data. Company will inform the Data Subject to gain acknowledgment and consent through electronic or other methods as specified by the Company.

              • No personal data about race, skin color, political opinions, religion, beliefs, or data that could cause discrimination or unfairness to any person to be collected.

              • The personal data must be accurate and up to date. Every reasonable steps must be taken to ensure that any personal data that is inaccurate has been rectified or cancel as appropriate according to the purposes of use.

              • Personal data storage must not exceed the time required for each propose of use. Also the organization must have technical or appropriate measures according to its organization to prevent for the unpermitted or illegal actions on data processing as well as having the protection against any accidental loss, destruction or damage that could occur.

              • Company will not collect personal data from other sources that do not come directly from the data subject.

3. Purposes for Collecting Personal Data

              • To be information of Human Resources Management

              • To manage safety and security for the person who visit the company such as applicants, customer, visitors etc.

              • To be as a reference in a business contract made with, the Subcontract, Vendors or Services company that provides services to work or contact to the company.

              • To be as a business contact information where related with stakeholders, Customer, etc.

              • To comply with applicable legal requirements.

              Moreover, If the company thereafter has changed the purpose of collecting Personal Data, the Data Controller will notify the Data Subject to re-consent. The company will also manage to have the amendment be recorded in writing or being kept through electronic tool.

4. Use of Cookies

              You may use features offered on Hana Group websites such as About, Worldwide Manufacturing and Product Information, Investor Relations and Careers page. Nevertheless, your personal information such as your ISP name or your searching history will be stored by Cookies or other program in statistic form on behalf of your companies for the purpose of improving our website performance.

5. Disclosure to Third Parties

              Company will not disclose personal information to third parties except in the following cases:

              • Prior consent has been obtained from the data subject that his/her personal data can be disclosed.

              • Disclosure is required or when permitted by law or by the order of a court.

              • Necessary disclosure for the contractual obligations.

              • Company will protect and ensure that the personal data acquired is treated safely in accordance with the company’s policy to prevent the danger that can threaten to the individual’s body, health, life and vital interest.

              • The disclosure of personal data will be proceeded for the sake of significant public benefits.

6. Rights of the Data Subject

              • Right to be Notified: The data subject will be notified which personal data is necessary to be collected for use.

              • Right to Access: The data subject can request a copy of the personal data related, as collected by the company in order to improve and update the information.

              • Right to Restrict Processing: The data subject can demand adjustment and withdrawal of the personal data in the case that the data subjects perceive the possible harm to the security of company information management.

              • Right to Withdraw Consent.

              • Right to object.

              • Right to Rectify.

              • Right to notify the company to modify, change or delete the personal data.

              All the rights stated earlier will be granted to the data subject if the requests were put down in writings. The company will exercise in discrete evaluation of the calls and may reject in some certain instances, including, in the case that is determined by legal requirements, or in the case that the personal data is no longer specified with the data.

7. Security

Company has imposed appropriate measures of security implementations as listed:

              • Protection of any possible wrongful act in losing personal data.

              • Protection of accessing personal data without consent from the data subject.

              • Protection of unconsented use of personal data.

              • Protection of disclosure of personal data to other people without the consent of the data subject.

              • Defining the rights and restrictions on access to personal data of employees.

              • Assessment of the website security risks or of all information system at least once a year, by specifying in accordance with the security policies and practices of Company information technology system.

8. Disclosure of Processing, Practices and Policies regarding Personal Data

Company will publish the policy and guidelines for the security of Personal Data to all stakeholders to acknowledge through appropriate channels: via the website https://www.hanagroup.com,

In the case that the Data Subject wishes to examine the system of personal data collection, the purpose of taking the data for use, the controller and the location where the data been controlled, the Data Subject can request and contact to Human Resources Department of the company per the following address:

HANA Microelectronics Public Co., Ltd (Bangkok)

65/98 Soi Viphavaid-Rangsit 64 Junction 2,

Talad Bangkhen, Laksi, Bangkok 10210

Tel. 02-5511297

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