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Group Consolidated Result Forth Quarter Ended [31th December, 2020]

Hana Microelectronics Public Company Limited
Fourth QUARTER ENDED 31st December, 2020

Hana Microelectronics Group 'Hana' Sales Revenue increased 7% year on year to THB 5.3 billion for the fourth
quarter of 2020 from THB 4.9 billion for the fourth quarter 2019. Sales Revenue in USD terms increased 6% to
USD 172m for Q4 2020 from USD 163m in Q4 2019. Earnings from Operations decreased 6% to THB 428m in Q4 2020
from THB 453m in Q4 2019.

Quarter 4 2020 sales revenue for the group increased 6% year-on-year in USD terms to USD 172m from
USD 163m in Q419. The average exchange rate for Q420 was 1% weaker at THB/USD 30.6 from THB/USD
30.3 in Q419. As a result the sales revenue in THB terms increased 7% year on year for the quarter.

Year-on-year, in USD terms, the microelectronics divisions sales increased by 9%. Sales in Lamphun increased
10% whilst Jiaxing increased by 5%. The IC divisions sales revenues increased 6% in Q420, with revenues
of the IC division in Ayutthaya increasing 7% and Jiaxing increasing by 1%. "HTI" the Microdisplay/RFID
operation in Ohio sales revenue decreased 12% in Q420 from Q419.

Quarter-on-Quarter, in USD terms, sales for the group increased 12% to USD 172m in Q420 from USD 154m in
Q320. In THB equivalent the group sales increased 9% in Q420 compared to Q320. Sales in the microelectronics
divisions increased 15% with Lamphun increasing 20% and Jiaxing increasing 1%. Sales revenues from the IC
divisions increased 13% in Q420 from Q320 with Ayutthaya sales increasing 13% and Jiaxing IC sales increasing
by 21%. The Microdisplay division sales decreased 18% in Q420 compared to Q320.

The Gross Profit margin decreased 2% points to 11% in Q420 and 13% Q419 due to the stronger THB/USD
exchange rate in Q420 compared to Q320 and Q220. Materials bought at the weaker exchange rate in Q2/Q320
and sales in Q420 at the stronger exchange rate reduced the margin.

Year-on-year Earnings from Operations, were 6% lower at THB 428m in Q420 compared to THB 453m in Q419.
The Operating margin was down 1% point to 8% in Q420 and Q419 due to the lower Gross Margin and lower
SGA expenses. SG&A expenses were in 11% lower in Q420 from Q419.

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